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The Best Places to Elope in the Pacific Northwest

If you are dreaming of an adventure elopement, the Pacific Northwest is made for you! These are the best places to elope in the pacific northwest because there are so many different kinds of scenery and locations. There are many great options if you're craving a little adventure as well! Here are my top picks for your adventure elopement in the Pacific Northwest!

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is an alpine paradise. Late summer offers meadows of colorful wildflowers (see a couples session with wildflowers here) which means the views on the hikes throughout the park will be absolutely amazing! Rainier has cute little critters you can see like marmots and little pikas! There are lookout towers throughout the park (imagine the views you will have and even better, the photos). This place is just impossible to be disappointed with! And Seattle is just a little over an hour away, so you can still eat at some great places afterward and/or get some yummy coffee before the short journey over to this paradise. This place is at the top of my bucket list!

is located on the most northwestern part of Washington state. It's rocky coastline offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and has amazing beaches. If you venture further inland, you will be greeted with ferns and old growth forests. The Hoh Rainforest is a popular attraction because it is so lush surrounded by moss covered trees. The variety in this national park is what attracts many people who elope. There are several different landscapes in the same park so your final photo gallery has the opportunity to have some great variety.

Another reason why this park is a great place for elopements is because in some areas of the park, you can bring your doggie! This is huge since most national parks don't allow dogs in any part of the park. This is why this park is high up on my bucket list of places to shoot an elopement at! (Imagine adorable beach photos with your doggie at sunset)! Click here to read about some tips for bringing your dog to your session!

is a place I've been dying to visit again. The views this park has to offer are unlike any other (and it's only 4 hours away from me)! This park has mountains and lakes that seem otherworldly. Even views from the road will make your jaw drop. With 1,584 sq. miles to explore, Glacier National Park is beyond perfect for an elopement. A stunning nearby mountain town is Whitefish. This place has great places for shopping (elopement souvenir shopping at it's finest), and places to eat. With the conveniences nearby to this spectacular national park, this would be a great pick for your elopement.

is another park that has mind-blowing beautiful mountains. If you want mountains as a backdrop, this place will not disappoint, since it's knowns the as the American Alps. If you aren't into hiking miles upon miles, there are some shorter hikes that still offer great photo opportunities, which would allow for some other activities during your day. There are several places that are accessible to everyone, so this would be perfect if you wanted to bring family with you. North Cascades National Park also allows dogs in some areas too, so you can see the most amazing mountain views while having your dog by your side. This is another park in the top three places of my bucket list.

The Washington and Oregon Coast

are full of hidden gems for your adventure elopement. I love the coast because of the weather, the lushness, the stunning beaches, and everything in between. These places also offer a ton of variety to fit whatever vision you have in mind. One of my favorites about the Oregon coast is that most of the beaches don't require a permit, which makes the elopement process that much easier! Click here to see an intimate adventure elopement on the Oregon Coast!

Snoqualmie, Washington

is another town with a gorgeous setting and lots of outdoor amenities nearby. Lots of hiking trails with stunning views are right off of the interstate. The town offers places to stay, eat, and recreate. There is a place to ski and snowboard in the winter at The Summit of Snoqualmie. There are beautiful natural areas throughout the town and forested areas. Outside of Snoqualmie is a place called Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. If you look at it on Google Maps, there are dozens of little alpine lakes! This place would an amazing place for your elopement as well.

There are several hikes that are short that offer stunning views near Snoqualmie. This place is great for your elopement because it's an all-in-one location. You can stay at the same place and explore around the town and get lots of different views and variety. There are several great options for picking a location for your elopement here!

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The Pacific Northwest has features that the rest of the world doesn't. It is a great place for adventure elopements because of the jaw-dropping beauty and the variety it has to offer. If you're interested in eloping at any of these places, you can fill out my contact form here! I'll find all the best places for your elopement and turn your dreams into a reality! Let's go adventure together!


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