Intimate Rockaway Beach Adventure Elopement

An intimate adventure elopement on the Oregon coast! I am so stoked that I was able to photograph this adventure, much less also be a bridesmaid for my best friend, and style her hair for this special occasion! This Oregon coast elopement was for my best friend of 12 years. We met back in 5th grade, and became best friends when we were just 10 years old! Ever since I've known Mikalynn, she has had the biggest love and obsession with the ocean and marine biology. So just a couple months ago, their original plan for marriage took a turn, and they decided kinda last minute to elope on the Oregon coast, a place where part of her belongs!

Her now husband and her are both high school teachers. They went to the same high school, and both their dads are teachers at the high school we attended. They had originally planned to have a normal wedding here in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. But it wasn't what she had in mind for her dream wedding. So they made their dream wedding happen with all their closest family and friends (there was only 20 people total including me the photographer and the officiant). She wore hiking boots for the ceremony and nearly all the rest of us were in our bare feet, the sand was so warm and soft! We went hiking the morning of the ceremony, and after as well for some epic sunset pictures.

All of this and it was even better than they imagined! It was such an unforgettable experience, it was so beautiful and fun! I am only sharing my favorites since there's nearly 500 photos in here's just enough to see what their dream wedding day consisted of!

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