5 Tips for Taking Photos with Dogs

Hey everyone! I thought I would make a blog post with some tips for bringing dogs to your shoot! I just had one the other day, and I've had several in the past so I thought it would be a good idea to include some tips to help your session go well with your fur baby!

One of the first tips I have is to simply let your photographer know! That way they can pick a location that is dog friendly and so we can plan out some cute poses and spots for your pup! Believe it or not, I once had a session where at the end, there was a proposal, and I was not informed! It's just better all around to inform your photographer of any plans you have to help it all go smoothly!

Tip #2 is if your dog needs it, is to get him/her groomed/brushed so their fur is all nice and sleek and shiny, and clean looking! You want them to feel their best too! Going along with feeling their best, put on their favorite bandana or accessory so as viewers we can see their personality shine through!

My third tip is to bring some cute props such as chalkboard signs! Lots of my clients have put these signs around their dog's neck, and it is so darn cute! This is perfect for any announcement type photos as well.

Tip #4 may be one that you might not think about, which is to bring an assistant to hold the dog(s) while your other photos are getting taken. Make sure you bring someone that you dog is comfortable around, or if I have an assistant with me (aka my hubby) he can make a great dog holder too!

You also might want to bring some dog waste bags and some water so your dog doesn't get thirsty!

Tip #5 is probably my favorite, which is to bring treats or your dog's favorite toy. Look at the photos below to see how much of a difference treats can make! I know for sure it works well for our dog Maddie. I call this series, Posing Before Using a Treat Vs After Using a Treat.

And these are my top tips for taking photos with your doggies! They can make a great addition for photos! And they're there for all your life's special moments, they are your family too! And of course they're just cute in general! Anything cute in photos is highly encouraged by me!

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

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