Adventure Couples Session in the Mountains

I'm so glad I was able to make this shoot happen! I have been dying to hike up this mountain for some time now (believe it or not I used to be able to see these mountains from my old backyard)! Summer is finally here and all the snow has melted off the tops of the mountains. I have seen my sister and my friends hike up this mountain and I guess that gave me the push I needed to come up here and do an adventurous couples shoot! So I did a model call on my Instagram and my cousin reached out! They were perfect for what I had in mind, and I'm so glad we hiked all the way up here! It was a hard hike for sure, uphill and the trip in total I believe was around 3 miles (and this was the shorter hike, there's another hike that goes all the way up to the top that is 10 miles)! But the wind up top felt so nice, there was alot of it. You can see that on some of the trees there are only branches growing on one side! I'm so glad they were willing to get up to the top after all that just to take pictures with me, and I'm glad I got to do something I've always wanted, and it did not disappoint!

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