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How To Tell Your Family You're Eloping

You've been planning a traditional wedding and the more you plan, the more you realize this isn't so fun anymore. You think to yourself, but this is my wedding day! Why am I not as excited as I thought I would be?

You do some research and you find out about elopements! Everything about eloping sounds perfect to you:

- Invite who you want (if anyone)!

- Include things that actually interest you

- Craft a day around your favorite interests

- Save money by not spending money on other people

- Not stress over every small thing

- And most importantly, plan a wedding day that you will actually want to relive, instead of being relieved that it's over with

Now you and your fiancé want to elope instead of having a traditional wedding! You begin to think, but how is my family going to react?

If you are wanting to elope and you are afraid of what to say to your family, here's some helpful tips on how to tell your family you're eloping!

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Tell them how happy it will make you. Usually elopements will reflect activities that you have always loved growing up. Make it a reflection of you and that might help your family see it in the best light.

Tell them about your vision for the day. Show them all the ideas you have, and how excited you are while explaining!

If you want, they can still be there! Elopements don’t mean exclude all family. It’s your day, the way you want! If you can’t bear to not have family there with you, then you can invite them along for the adventure!

Elopements don't mean to run away and secretly get married anymore. Nowadays, they are about the experience! Whatever hobbies or activities make you the happiest, incorporate them so you have such a fun and memorable day!

And lastly, it’s best to be up front and honest. This is your day, after all. Don’t be afraid to do something that you will enjoy and have the greatest memories for the rest of your life!

If you're worried that your elopement won't be as special, or if there's a tradition that still means something to you, here's some blog posts for ideas on how to include both of those into your elopement!

I promise you won't regret eloping! It will be so worth any up front stress that comes with telling your family. Remember, this is your day, your way!

how to tell your family you're eloping, ways to tell your family you're elopement


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