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Special & Sweet Wedding Traditions to Include in Your Elopement

Are you afraid to elope because you can’t have the normal traditions that happen during a traditional wedding? If your answer is yes, let me tell you that you can still include traditions into your elopement! So many couples all over the world choose to include traditions even if they are eloping. Elopements are still your wedding day! So feel free to include traditions that mean something to you, and exclude the ones that you don't care for.

Elopements have no rules, so you can include whatever the heck you want! Old traditions, or new ones that are special to your relationship will count! If you want some more ideas, check out this blog on how to make your elopement special.

Here’s some popular traditions that you don’t have to miss out on!

First Dances - Don’t worry about missing out on your first dance, if you elope in the mountains, imagine how beautiful the setting would be for a first dance as the sun goes down! If you want to include the mother son or father daughter dances, we can bring a Bluetooth speaker and have you guys dance away! This is also a great way to get in some alone time during the day without anyone around. Take the time to find a nice little spot and soak each other in.

winter elopement first dance

First Look With Family Member - Yes, you can still do this as well! If you rent a cute Airbnb, imagine the cute and emotional photos we can get of your father seeing you in your dress for the first time! Or your grandparents as well. Whatever moment you dream of the most, let’s make it happen! And yes, you can bring family to your elopement if you wish.

idaho elopement first look with family

Cutting Cake (or whatever dessert you like best) - Imagine an adorable sunset picnic setup on the beach where you can cut the cake and eat to your heart’s content! Or if cake isn’t your thing, definitely include what dessert you like best! Could be ice cream, cookies, pie, cheesecake, or little cupcakes! Feel free to personalize all the little aspects of your day! This helps tell your unique story, so don't skip out on it if you don't have to! You'll be glad to see photos of the dessert you ate 50 years down the road. I bet it will bring a smile to your face.

coeur d alene river elopement cake cutting

Party With Guests At A Reception Later/Have A Send Off - If you’ve always loved the idea of a special send off at the end of the night, you can still have that! If you include family in your elopement, you can do it then! Or if just the two of you are eloping, you can have a separate reception later to see more friends and family and do your send off then! This would also be a great time to do family dances if only the two of you are eloping.

send off with flower petals

Read Vows - Vows are the perfect, most meaningful thing to include during your elopement. You invite who you actually want (or you can keep it extra private and just keep it the two of you) so you don't have to keep anything out of your vows that you don't want random people to hear. Who wants to read heartfelt vows about each other while people you never talk to are present in the audience? Elopements provide the perfect opportunity for it to not be a show. If you wish, you can even have your elopement photographer photograph the vow reading from a distance to give you the most heartfelt and private experience while reading your vows.

Have a Champagne Toast - This one is easy and just as important to include if you like to keep the excitement going! Have a champagne toast to toast how amazing your wedding day was.

If you're out on the trails, be sure to use sparkling water instead! Read this post for more ways to Leave No Trace during your elopement day.

Have a Bridal Party - If you're not into your elopement just being the two of you, include your friends and family that matter the most to you! They would love to stand by your side at your elopement. Plus you can get those fun traditional bridal party photos even if you eloped. It's a win win!

Start Your Own Tradition During Your Elopement Day - This is a super cool idea if you want to incorporate something sentimental every year on your wedding anniversary! It can be whatever you want it to be, whether that be stay in bed all morning drinking coffee together, or get the dessert you ate on your elopement day in the evening. Even taking a walk on the beach that you eloped on. Anything to personalize the celebration to make it that much more special to you!

walking on the beach at sunset

As you can see, you can absolutely include traditions that mean something to you. You can include the most special moments on one of the best days of your life, even if you elope!

traditions you don't have to ditch for your elopement, keep what means something to you


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