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Hiking Gear To Bring On Your Adventure Elopement

You have planned an amazing elopement timeline, and now the days are leading up to it! You start getting your gear ready so you can be prepared and have the most fun day.

Elopements are so fun because no elopement is the same. There are so many different ways to make your day unique to you! Check out these hiking bridals in Idaho for some inspiration!

Mountain elopements, desert elopements, beach elopements, out of country elopements, and winter elopements all require some gear to help your day go smoothly.

Here is a general list of gear for adventure elopements. This is a great list to go off of to get ideas, or to use as a reminder!

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Hiking Elopement Essentials:

- Wool socks: Wool is best because they help keep your feet dry and warm. Bring an extra pair just in case!

- Nude leggings: These are perfect for wearing under your dress if shooting in a colder climate. Extra warmth without looking like you are wearing leggings underneath! I have a pair ready for you to use! These are the ones I have!

- Snacks and water: Can't forget these essentials! Bring good protein like beef jerky, or bring some energy shots for some energy! Water is a must!

- Hiking boots: I stress bringing some boots that are already worn in so you don't get blisters breaking them in for the first time. Make sure they work well for your feet and are comfy enough to be in them for several hours.

- Extra layers: Puffer jackets and rain ponchos are light and compactable so they can easily fit in your bag. Things like mittens, earmuffs, and shawls/capes will still look great in photos while also serving a purpose to keep you warm.

- Yaktrax: These will be nice if you elope when there's lingering snow. Throw them in your pack so you can have them in case the trail is icy.

- Headlamps: If we stay out after the sun goes down, we can see our way back. Also cool for some night photos!

- Bug spray: This one is obvious! I have some natural bug repellent in my elopement kit if you forget any.

- Hand warmers: Mornings can still be a little chilly, or these are great for winter elopements! They also make ones that stick to your back to keep you extra warm. This will help so your hands don't get overly red for photos.

- Bear spray: This is nice to have, but it's not allowed in all national parks. Do research before bringing one if you're eloping in a national park.

- Sunscreen: You will thank yourself later, and so you can enjoy the rest of your trip without being burnt.

- Pills for altitude sickness, allergies, dramamine, tums, ibuprofen: I had no idea altitude sickness was a thing until I went to a new location high in elevation. Definitely recommend bringing something to soothe your stomach just in case.

- Mini first aid kit: You never know what will happen when you are out and about. I have one in my elopement kit as well.

- Mini bridal emergency kit - bobby pins, mirror, oil blotting sheets, chapstick, lint roller, comb, touch up makeup: Perfect for touch-ups after hiking.

And that's my list! This is a broad list for eloping outdoors at all times of the year. So use this list as a reference no matter what time of year you're eloping in! If you aren't quite at the part where you have everything planned out for your day, here's a blog post to help you start planning your elopement.

Most adventure elopement photographers have some extra gear they bring along in case of their couples forgetting something (I have an elopement kit that I bring to all of my elopements). We are dedicated to help make sure your day is as smooth as possible! Here's another blog post I made to help you budget for your adventure elopement.

I hope this list of hiking gear to bring on your adventure elopement helps you while planning and packing for your day! Go have fun out there!

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