North Idaho Mountain Elopement Bridals

I can't believe this place is just a few minutes away from my house! I grew up here taking photos all throughout my years in school, and taking our boat out with my parents to watch the fireworks over the fourth of July. This time we found this amazing couple to model! This is seriously the best session I've ever done, it was so much fun hanging with these two! We took them to see the biggest lake in Idaho and we took these beautiful photos to show off what Idaho has to offer.

The thing I love most about eloping is that it gives you the ability to see some amazing sights. My goal is to show people what North Idaho has to offer, and how beautiful of a place it is (not to mention a great elopement location)! For this session we put together a cute beach picnic, and watched the mountains turn orange with the setting sun. They danced with eachother, twirled eachother around, and enjoyed the sights together. This place was all new to them, so it was so fun to see how they reacted when they were told how big this lake is (148 square miles)!

This place has so many places to explore. It has lots of activities and camping. So if you're looking for an adventurous location that is local, this place has it all! I will never get tired of exploring here.

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