Ways To Include Family During A "Just Us" Elopement

Just because you are eloping doesn't mean you can't include family and other guests! What if you have kids? There's no rules for eloping! Of course can include your kids too! Or even though you love your family, maybe you want to have a "just us" experience. You can still elope and include your family, without them attending in person. Here's some ideas!

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Idea 1) Read letters from your family.

Reading letters from family is a heartfelt and special way to include them! Reading what they have written just for you makes for a special and memorable moment!

Idea 2) Facetime or video chat family.

This is a super simple way to feel like you spent time with family and friends on your elopement day! Facetime the special moments like you getting on your dress, or while you're eating cake! You could also record yourselves to get it on video and show them later!

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Idea 3) Include special family heirlooms.

Including family treasures like a watch or wearing your grandmother's dress are sure to make your family feel special and included! I had a bride before that wore a dress that her mother made her! Anything special like that is perfect for including family! Even things like lockets or necklaces, hair pieces, or adding special pieces to your bouquet.

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Idea 4) Have your families/guests submit a video of them congratulating you.

While you’re away on your elopement, have someone collect videos of your family and friends wishing you a happy wedding day, and put all the videos together! This would be a cute idea to include guests, or if you’re having a reception later, have it play then!

And there you have it! Some cute ideas to include your family if you prefer a "just us" elopement. Would just the two of you elope or would you incorporate family?

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