Romantic Downtown Spokane Elopement

The beauty of elopements is that they can be however you want. They can be adventurous, they can be urban, they can be in a backyard. Even though I shoot adventurous elopements, I had the privilege to be a part of this urban downtown elopement in Spokane, WA! Let me tell you, it was the best wedding and most enjoyable wedding I have ever been to! It was so laid-back, stress free, and it was literally a blast! I second shot for Danielle Johnson (@imdaniellejohnson on Instagram), and we were their only guests! We were their witnesses as well! It was such an intimate and meaningful experience! Oh, and I can't forget their adorable little doggie Philae!

First off, I met everyone at the cutest AirBnb in Spokane! It was so modern and offered the perfect place for them to stay, and for us to take some getting ready photos! Cassidy was able to facetime her mom as she got ready, and her and John had their first look in the living room!

As we finished getting ready, we headed out to the courthouse! There's a part of if that literally makes it look like a Disney castle! So we took some photos in front of that and you could also see it in the windows right behind them as they got married! It was a fall day so we did get some epic wind in her veil shots. But I'm all about that wind movement!

After the ceremony, the building itself was beautiful for photos so we took some inside before we left to take more couples portraits on a rooftop! You don't want to know how many times the wind tried to take Cassidy's veil and show it to the world, haha! Besides that, the wind made the photos look so romantic, and provided just another reason to cuddle in close for adorable photos!

Once we were done with couples portraits, we went back to their AirBnb and had some delicious cake and champagne! Cassidy and John facetimed their families while they celebrated, and it just finished off the most perfect day, perfectly. And Philae had to be center of attention as well!

Again, I'm so honored to have second shot for Danielle Johnson! She was so much fun to work with and the wedding day was just so perfect! Congratulations Cassidy and John!

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