Hey! I am an adventure elopement photographer based here in North Idaho, but will photograph you wherever your adventure is!

A few fun facts about me: 

↠ I am a HUGE chocolate fanatic

↠ I am a crazy cat lady and a Pit bull dog lover

↠ I've been into photography for over 10 years now

↠ I was born and raised in Idaho

↠ My favorite color is green

↠ My favorite food has to be pasta

↠ I'm a total bird nerd

I have loved taking pictures since I was 13 years old, (I'm 24 now) starting off using my mom’s little Kodak point and shoot camera taking pictures of nearly anything, my cats, the birds outside, random objects around the house... anything to cure the itch to take a photo of something!


Over the years, I have also fallen in love with wildlife photography. I remember taking drives in the mountains and seeing some amazing wildlife, there and on road trips with my family. Nature is so beautiful, and being able to take elopement photos in it just ties everything that I love together and it turns into a memorable experience for everyone!


I am more than just your photographer. Need help carrying something up the mountain? I got you. Forgot an extra pair of hiking socks? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Need some snacks? You bet I got plenty of those! 

Being your photographer is just the cherry on top! Of course I love taking photos, but I also love helping others and being there when you need someone. I help plan, craft, and guide you to have such an amazing wedding experience, that you will remember all the little details. That's the best part of eloping, you have time to soak in the things that matter. And I'll be there photographing it all.

I myself am a fun-loving, goofy, adventurous, go with the flow person. So those tend to be the people I like to work with most! I am there to capture the in-between moments of your day, as well as the main ones! My brand message is to "Tell Your Story Through Genuine Moments Frozen in Time." So the genuine moments that tell how you felt, the way your future spouse is smiling, and everything in between. 

There's nothing like eloping in the mountains, the beach, or the desert for your wedding day. The options are endless when it comes to elopements, and that's why I love them so much! They give you the freedom to create the most meaningful and memorable day of your life, and being amongst epic landscapes makes it that much more memorable!

Let's get to adventuring!




I thought I would quickly introduce my other half - my hubby, Keenan! We love spending all the time in the world together! We met in December 2014. He requested to follow me on Instagram, we met up a few days later at Skate Plaza with some mutual friends, and the rest is history! We dated for 2 years, and got married in February 2017! We were both only 19 when we got married, and I love being married young!


We have two pitbulls (Maddie and Zyer) and two kitties (Jax and Oni)! They make up our little fur family and are the cutest (might be a little biased there). I'm just obsessed with them! If you want to see more of them, I post about them all the time on my Instagram stories! Go follow me there if you haven't already!