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Why You Should Have an All Day Elopement Experience

Did you know that elopements have the potential to last 6-12 hours? Or, have you heard of a multi-day elopement experience? If you're thinking, elopements are only 1-2 hours long to say vows and get photos and that's it, let me tell you what elopements can be! In the past, they may be have so. People used to want to get married quick and fast, and eloping was the way to do that. But that is not the case at all anymore!

I define eloping nowadays as a meaningful way to get married with the guests being the closest people to you at a location that is meaningful. Guest count is usually 25 people or less. Locations range from backyards, mountaintops, ocean cliffs, or to other countries. They are focused solely on you and your other half celebrating your love and getting married.

Now you may be thinking, what does an elopement consist of if it's not done secretly and quickly? And the answer is, anything you want! Eloping gives you the freedom to make it a day all about you and your other half, filled with all your favorite things to do together! So it definitely needs to be longer than an hour or two.

Having an all day elopement experience comes with so many benefits! One of them being, it can be the most memorable day of your life! Doesn't that sound amazing?! How can it be the best day ever? Let me tell you about why having an all day elopement experience will be absolutely amazing!

north idaho snowy mountain bridal photos in the trees

First off, you have so much more time! Instead of trying to fit everything into a tight schedule, you now have so much more flexibility to do whatever you like! I especially love hiking elopements, so for example, we have time to explore! If you see something amazing on the way, like an amazing place you've never seen before, you will want to spend some time there to make some memories! Instead of saying that you don't have time, you will have time! And having more time makes the event more memorable because you actually have time to soak it in, and to enjoy it! I personally had a traditional wedding, and the day flew by sooo fast, I only remember a few main parts of the day. I wish I had eloped so we had quality time to spend together, and to enjoy all the little moments together! This is a day that is customized just for you two!

idaho first look bridals in flower field photography elopements

The next reason to have an all day elopement is to fit in all your favorite things into your wedding day, or to go on some new adventures! When you think about what your personal best day ever would be, wouldn't it consist of all your favorite things in the world?! Say you love spending time on the beach, so you plan to take a stroll on the beach at sunset. Or if you love sunrises, you can plan to drive to a beautiful overlook to watch the start of the day together...the start of your lives together.

Eloping keeps the wedding day about you, so a good exercise is to sit down with your partner, and close your eyes. Just think about what you would incorporate into a day you would dream of having, without thinking about cost or logistics. Think about where you would go, what things you love to eat, and what you would love to experience, or do again. What gives you butterflies just thinking about it? What makes you so giddy inside? Those are some good tips to find out what you are really passionate about to include on your wedding day!

adventure elopement photography in the woods forest rustic elopement

The most important thing to keep in mind with all of this is, it's not about a 6+ hour photo session. That wouldn't be fun for anyone! It's about the memories you two are making, and the experience of it all. The photos are just the cherry on top! I definitely hope and recommend that you allow yourselves to have an all day elopement experience, because I promise you will not regret it, and the biggest reason of it all is because you deserve it!

If looking at an example all day timeline would help you, here's a blog post with an example! It'll help you see what you can fill your day up with, and if you still want some traditional wedding aspects included with your elopement, that is totally ok! You can still have a first dance, have cake, and include your closest friends and family! It's the best of both the wedding worlds. Here's another blog post; 3 Reasons Why You Should Elope, with photos from an all day elopement. It shows that even with an elopement, you can have your traditional wedding aspects as well, while keeping it super meaningful to you!

"Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show."

the importance of all day elopements

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