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What If It Rains On Our Elopement Day?

Imagine this: You’re putting on your last touches of makeup and you happen to look out the window on your wedding day, and you can’t believe your eyes when you see...


You think to yourself, what do I do now? Start panicking, cancel the wedding, completely switch the timeline around? No, there’s no reason to panic!

With some rain on your elopement day, there’s no reason to fear the worst! To ease your mind, here are some ideas for you if it does happen to rain on your elopement day!

rainy day elopement umbrella bridals

rainy day elopement umbrella bridals

1️) Wait out the rain. This is a huge reason that I encourage all day elopements. If we have to wait a few minutes for the rain to quit, we can just chill and not worry about a strict timeline. It won't be a big deal to switch things around, and the weather might even bring out a stunning rainbow!

Also, we can resort to one of our backup locations that I provide while planning. Maybe a spot that's closer to the car so we can jump back in to warm up and what not. But rain isn't always a bad things, it's a total PNW vibe and it looks stunning (especially with fall colors in the mountains)!

2️) If you’re eloping in the PNW, it’s just good to just keep it in mind that it can rain unpredictably. Pick a time of year where it doesn’t rain as much, and plan around that if you’re super worried about it.

For example, in Oregon there are times of the year when it rains more than others. Reach out to your photographer and they can help you pick the best time of year.

3️) Bring some clear umbrellas. These can fit right under the seat of your car or your trunk and they look super cute in photos! Clear umbrellas make it so there aren’t any bright distracting colors like on traditional umbrellas, and we can take some cute detail shots through the umbrella while you’re nice and dry! I have some in my elopement kit just in case! Cute and cozy photos as well as staying dry, it's a win-win!

Here's some ideas on what your photos could look like in the rain!

4️) Just relax and go with the flow. There’s no sense getting angry about something you can’t control on your wedding day. The focus is to marry your best friend, and there will be adorable photos of you two either way!

Elopements eliminate the stress of big weddings, so if you love the outdoors and it happens to rain, you are still outdoors doing your favorite thing together, and that's all that matters!

The photos of you two experiencing whatever comes your way helps tell your unique story and the photos will reflect that! Looking back, you likely won't still be mad that it rained on your wedding day. It's part of the memories!

Click here to see more rainy bridals from this wedding day on Elk Point!

5) Trust your photographer. Find a photographer who's work you love, no matter what light or weather they photograph in. Look at their blogs to see what their editing looks like during certain weather. This will help you see that your photographer is a professional and can work with whatever nature throws at us. Ask them if they have any ideas for how to work around any rain if it comes, and rest assured that your day and photos will turn out great!

rainy day elopement umbrella bridals

And there you have it! Some ways to help relieve the stress if you're worried about rain on your elopement day. But don't be stressed, trust in your photographer and you will be ok! If you had a rainy wedding day, let me know in the comments some things you did to combat the rain!

what if it rains on our elopement day, tips and tricks to make the most out of the rainy weather on your wedding day

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