Snowy Winter Bridals

Moments like these make me glad I had a winter wedding. It is so magical and enchanting looking, being out there in your wedding dress with snow gently falling all around you, and once it lands have it add to all the sparkles of snow glittering on the ground. This session was so fun! We got up early and made it happen! These two actually got married over 3 years ago, and their wedding day didn't allow for much time to get photos of just the two of them, so they were the perfect couple for me and Venturing Vows to shoot! Lydia got back into her wedding dress and we went out and got more photos for them that they missed out on during their wedding day.

This goes to show that if you are planning a wedding, please make sure to allot time for plenty of photos of you and your new spouse. You can't get this time back, and you don't want to have any regrets. Good news is, that if this has happened to you, I would love to help you document some photos you missed out on, and we can definitely plan a shoot like this! And it's definitely better late than never! Also, if your dream wedding is more simple, and keeping it all about you two and documenting that love all day, I would definitely recommend eloping! You just have the closest people to you in a location that means something to you, or if you want to make an adventure out of your wedding day and see some breathtaking landscapes and have your wedding photos documented in amongst that, it makes for a very memorable union of you two.

Weddings aren't about all the decor or how many gifts you get or how much you spend, it's about the union of you two and how much you love eachother. So as Venturing Vows said it best, "Let's make weddings about love again." Go check out this blog post from Wandering Weddings on inspiring eloping ideas, one of the photos from this blog post is featured on there!

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