Winter Elopement Activities

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway - If you’re someone who actually likes the snow, it can definitely still be an option if you’re wanting to elope! If you’re not fully convinced, read this...

Imagine yourself waking up in the cutest and coziest little A Frame cabin in the woods. You sit up in bed and look out the window and there is snow gently falling. The ground sparkles and the trees are flocked in the sparkling snow You get up and put on your fuzzy slippers. You start a fire in the wood stove and make some yummy hot chocolate or coffee. You go and peek out the door and open it slightly, just to hear the pure sound of the silence of snow falling on the ground. All the trees are flocked with the sparkling snow. So peaceful.

Now if that gave you a little cozy feeling in your stomach, then here are some ideas for eloping in the winter!

•Snowmobiling 🏔

•Snowshoeing ❄️

•Skiing/Snowboarding 🎿

•Snowball Fight ⛄️

•Ice Skating ⛸

•Sledding 🛷

Now these don’t have to be done in your wedding gear (but you totally could if you wanted to!) It’s about making memories while doing activities you enjoy! Plus, snow looks magical as is. It’s definitely a season that shouldn’t be disregarded as a wedding date! Would you elope in the winter?

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