Chasing Rainbows by the Lake | Farragut Engagements

This session with Tyler and Rob was such a blast! I met them at one of my clients past weddings, this is the bride's brother and her future sister-in-law. But anyway the reason I say this session was a blast is because we went to my favorite place to take pictures (Farragut State Park) and during the middle of the session it started getting really windy and quite rainy! But with that weather made for a rainbow! So we essentially went rainbow chasing and ran down to the beach where the rainbow was over the lake in front of the tall mountains! It was so pretty! I mainly enjoyed this session because we just went with all the crazy weather changes and made the best of it, we chased the changes. And now we got some awesome images from it! I'm game now for a storm to come while taking pictures!

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