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Eloping is gonna be one of the coolest things you do in your life, if not the coolest thing! Eloping opens up so many opportunities to celebrate the way you want and to literally have the best day ever!

So, why is eloping the best?

It's your day, your way. It's not about what your parents or grandparents want you to do. It's not about following traditions that don't make sense, and it's not about paying for a huge guest list of people and catering to them, some of which you may not know that well.
Eloping allows you to only have the people that matter, whether that just be you and your other half, or guests that matter the most to YOU.
Plus, it's the most meaningful way out there to get married! You pick what you love, and what you would love to experience. You plan your day full of exciting things that make you happy. And at the end of it all, instead of saying, "I'm so glad that's over with," you will be saying "I wish our day never ended." 

Want to talk a little bit more about elopements? Click the button below to schedule a free consultation call about your elopement, and we can start making your dream a reality!

Stanley Idaho Elopement - Sunrise Ceremony at Stanley Lake


Karlie Larson Photography - Idaho and PNW Adventure Elopement Photographer

Ever since I found out what elopements can be, I've been hooked. I was born and raised in Idaho, and I can't believe how many pretty places there are for potential elopements!

As a kid, my dad always took us into the mountains, and it felt like a whole new world up there. I am a huge advocate for eloping in Idaho, the Pacific Northwest, and the Rocky Mountains, as well as the amazing places the world has to offer.
From palm trees on the beach to lush green forests, to mountaintops with alpine lakes to icebergs in the arctic, if you have a place in mind, I can help you find the perfect spot. My goal is to always be finding new places to explore. Your adventure elopement can be super memorable and meaningful to you!

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Before I get into pricing, I thought I would go into the importance of an all day elopement. The biggest reason being, it's your wedding day! Why should an elopement wedding day be any shorter than a traditional wedding? You wouldn't hire a photographer for a traditional wedding for only 1-2 hours. That just sounds crazy! The same applies for elopements. You get the opportunity to fill your whole day up with things that make you happy! Plus, wedding days fly by! If you only had a couple hours worth of coverage, it wouldn't feel as special because it would end so fast!
Give yourself the opportunity to celebrate all day long because you deserve it. Let yourself just soak up the day to be able to remember how special your day was for years to come! Plus, having extra time is just nice to have. Perhaps you decide an unplanned walk on the beach or by a river, you won't have to say, "Oh we don't have time for that." You can just do it and watch the sunset change the color of the mountaintops together!

Click here to see a blog post with all day elopement timeline examples and some adventurous ideas to include in your day to give you some ideas and inspiration!  

North Cascades Elopement with a hammock

We would recommend Karlie to any friend or family member. From the planning phase until the day of our elopement, Karlie was so incredibly dedicated to helping us create our perfect day. We both felt an instant connection to her when we spoke via zoom in the beginning phases… she’s kind, thoughtful, professional, punctual, sincere, and curious. She asked so many questions about us as a couple and proposed many ideas that fell inline with those qualities and values. Throughout the whole process, she was so on top of researching locations, permits and responding to us in a timely manner always. We felt so grateful that we had chose her to shoot our wedding for many reasons, but one being that she put genuine love, focus, and energy into our elopement. It was so clear to both of us. The day was so meaningful in every way. It felt so calm and easy, which is what we wanted and why we chose to elope. Karlie worked so hard to make things easy and calm for us and we felt completely comfortable sharing this special day with her. The photos that Karlie sent us have truly exceeded our expectations and blew us away. Working with Karlie was the best investment that we made in our elopement process. Hands down. We can’t thank you enough Karlie and we wish you the best!!

- Lauren & Matt 

North Cascades National Park Elopement - Karlie Larson Photography
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The 2 Day Adventure Elopement Experience                                                 

What's Included:

  • 18 Hours of Coverage Split Up Over Two Days

  • Booking Gift

  • Polaroid Photos of Your Favorite Moments from Your Elopement Day​

  • 72 Hour Turn-Around Time for Sneak Peek Images

  • ​Day of Elopement Gift

  • Beautifully Edited Full Resolution Images

  • Access to High Quality Print Products

  • Free Phone Consultation or Zoom Call​

  • Timeline Creation

  • Leave No Trace Guide

  • 30+ Page Planning Guide

  • Vendor Recommendations

  • Unlimited Planning and Assistance

  • 6 Week Turnaround Time for Full Elopement Gallery

  • Travel & Accommodations are Covered for Photographer


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Schedule a call with me to get started planning your day! We can learn more about each other, and I want to hear all about your vision for your elopement day!


Eloping means you can get married wherever is meaningful to you! I can help you find the perfect place, or you can tell me what you have in mind and I'll help you find the perfect spot!


To get you on my calendar, you'll sign my photography contract, pay a $1000 retainer for your location and date, and you're all set! I'll help you get your perfect day planned!


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